A box is 100% BOXX ®. BOXX Corp. OEM Components offer BOXX ® advanced industry performance. Our innovative supercritical design engineering develops fewer part assemblies, lighter weight and marks greater efficiencies. BOXX ® delivers advanced industry product performance and specification standards with BOXX Corp. OEM Component Products.

Standard on all BOXX brand vehicles, our component products offer the commercial industry OEM feature rich component product solutions. Our technology licensing program provides industry access and resources.

Our component systems offer tiered level redundancy over a mechanical system as standard. A standard design criterion that goes into every one of our BOXX ® vehicles and is featured in our Component Products. A global supply chain of only the best specialty manufacturers and suppliers are in partnership with BOXX Corp. Design Engineering.

From the only industry Drive By Wire™ control system on a two wheeled road vehicle, to a one of a kind vehicle dynamics format incorporated suspension system, or modular vehicle control and power systems, BOXX Corp. Component Products brings advanced operation that seamlessly blends a BOXX ® user into a new vehicle format, on a new standard propulsion system, while still retaining all universally-known, common vehicle attributes in a superior offering. So it's always simply user-familiar, yet distinctively BOXX ®.

BOXX Corp. Component Product Commitment Standards.

  • Best performance to weight ratio.
  • 82% efficiency attained use of applied power.
  • Fewer parts, often weld-free, often monolithic assemblies.
  • Fine material quality and high tolerance parts.
  • Redundant function operational systems.
  • Isolated System Design ( ISD™ )
  • Supercritical long life robust design.
  • Quality manufacturing.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacture and disposal.


BOXX Corp. Design Engineering. Simply Advanced. Its where we start.