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While we’re keeping the design scope of the BOXX ® program as simple as possible, there will be an evolution from 2nd to 3rd generation production chassis for 2016. And while some people think that may be a big deal, think of it this way: BOXX Corp. has an track record of developing and integrating components, and inventing new drivetrains, suspension systems and modular vehicle electronics design. Technologies all found on BOXX ®. Take a look at BOXX ® to see all our development programs wrapped up into one fully integrated vehicle product. We’re fully prepared to continue the evolution of the BOXX ® product model line.

From time to time, we bring out a commercial or direct-to-consumer product that is a culminated expression of our component products and technology as an built-to-order unit production run.  On increasing product demand, we then move that product into a regular volume model manufacturing platform as we continue to develop and release additional vehicles and component products. Every unit sold today assists in quicker delivery and a more readily available product. We encourage and thank you for all product opening production purchases. 

We are pleased to bring to you and offer our first expression. We introduce to you, BOXX ® the 1 meter all electric, all wheel drive device vehicle

Providing enhanced environmental performance and significantly enhanced capabilities BOXX ® offers these features standard to every user: superior ergonomics, highest capacity onboard secure storage space, intuitive easy to ride use ( if you can ride a bicycle you can enjoy a BOXX ® even if you can't ride a standard scooter ) , modular fluid free maintenance, upgradable components, all surface road terrain capable AWD, at demand sport performance, amazing feeling with a "riding on rails"  type of handling and stability, unprecedented safety format and systems, compact road capable portability, one piece all aluminum alloy assemblies, beautiful custom finishes, software based vehicle operating system and interface, autonomously aware vehicle and user calibration systems, fully integrated design, and the efficient value of superior BOXX ® designed performance.  A more comfortable, easy to drive, high performing, high capacity, one and only all wheel drive two wheeled vehicle, it's not surprising BOXX ® is a preferred standard choice.

Walk a little more, drive a little less, drive a little differently, give you and your environment a push, take up on some BOXX ® 'ING.  A percentage of BOXX ® sales proceeds are donated to world land trust organizations furthering the preservation of existing natural habitats and preserving our planets valuable ecosystems.

Order a BOXX ® today. It's just the beginning of our 2015 production. Accepting BOXX ® 2016 product model production orders.

BOXX Store: Visit our online store to order, accessorize and Configure your BOXX today. ( Learn More ) BOXX ® Live Green ® Breathe Blue ®

Why 1 meter is just right. BOXX ®

  • Space efficient, compact and road capable              
  • Highly visible large surface area
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Great handling, amazing performance
  • Minimal parts, modular components, no onboard fluids
  • Two cargo bays, two bags onboard, secured storage
  • Indoor or outdoor storage and parking.
  • Safe to store inside your home or apartment.
  • 3x less power used and greater power to weight ratio
  • Requires only drivers lic. (moped governed 45 - 56 kph )
  • All surface road terrain type capable
  • Areodynamic design. Very low vehicle drag coefficient
  • Easy to handle. Intuitive riding attributes. Anyone can drive
  • A fully capable vehicle device for primary or secondary personal use
  • Minimal operational cost. Standard household outlet charging
  • Environmentally friendly existing infrastructure personal transportation


A box is a BOXX ® Patented Design. Open Vehicle Format Utility Patent 61/349,015 5.10. Design mark 4.09