BOXX Corp. is committed, as a commercial vehicle brand owner, to offering vehicles and components of superior design, advanced innovation and remarkable efficiency that supersede industry standards. Lifting conventions, BOXX ® offers remarkable value and practicality to business and personal customers worldwide.

A BOXX ® Production Fleet is currently in final assembly. BOXX01 (White), BOXX02 (Silver), BOXX03 (Orange), and BOXX04 (Red) comprise this production fleet and deliver Q1 2016.

BOXX Corp. traces the value basis of its craft to superior design engineering as its core business operation, applying deep industry experience and knowledge to the development of product and industry technology firsts.  Following its pioneering BOXX ® BOXX Corp. built BOXX 1, the company's first BOXX ® prototype, a vehicle dynamics testing bed for proving the operational ability of BOXX's numerous unconventional innovations. Within the size of about a meter, BOXX ® delivers All Wheel Drive to the Two Wheel Vehicle Format while incorporating a stable full size user ergonomic layout. Since then, BOXX ® has defined the modern two-wheeled vehicle, inventing and introducing a vehicle format of countless innovations.

Today, BOXX Commercial Vehicles offers its first fleet of these technologically advanced production vehicles, including efficiencies that boast the best usability in the industry, and BOXX's all surface, all wheel drive, two-wheeled vehicle system are always standard at an accessible price point.

Meanwhile, BOXX Corp. and its global network of suppliers are hard at work building the vehicle of tomorrow, BOXX ®, a next-generation vehicle that sets the standards in efficiency, quality and practicality. See BOXX ® Production 2015.

BOXX Commercial Vehicles is a business unit of BOXX Corp.  With initial headquarters in the United States, BOXX Corp. has additional operation intentions in its direct market countries. Business units are comprised of initiatives, BOXX Commercial Vehicles, BOXX Component Products, BOXX Technology Licensing, BOXX Manufacturing, and BOXX Sales Customer Organization.