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Around the world, BOXX Corp. is developing partnerships that benefit its customers and business partners as well as local economies.  BOXX Corp. products are designed for a global world.  Nearly two thirds of BOXX Corp’s customer base is beyond the US, branching into exciting emerging markets on every continent. 


BOXX Corp. is organized into business units to meet the global demands for its products:  BOXX ® Corp, is a multi-national company; its operations & technology engineering unit develops, acquires, applies, and protects the innovative product technologies and manufacturing processes of BOXX, Corp products.


BOXX, Corp. ® business unit strategically expands the company’s influence, impact, and brand image internationally, builds a strong local presence across diverse and dynamic global markets, and leverages global intellectual, financial, and industrial capabilities.  BOXX, Corp. ® focuses on partnering for mutual growth and prosperity, within each region or country, with local suppliers, universities, research talent, and charitable institutions to grow a meaningful, mutually beneficial global presence. 


BOXX, Corp. ® provides innovative business solutions.  Its primary mission is to support all BOXX ® business units by arranging, structuring, and/or providing and operational base to assist in the sale and delivery of BOXX ® products and services.  The Head quarters unit focuses on investment, capital management, revenue opportunities, IP portfolio management of BOXX ® technoligies, and supplier manufacturing.  BOXX, Corp. ® also provides comprehensive dealer support.


BOXX, Corp. ® Engineering operations and technology unit enhances BOXX Corp's growth and productivity by driving technical and functional excellence across the entire BOXX ® product line.  Its primary objective is to support the company's product development and production by delivering high-quality advanced innovation and optimized manufacturing practices.  To this end, the unit is responsible for all research and development, product testing and evaluation, and developing advanced integrated strategies that ensure technology is ready when it is required.  BOXX ® Engineering creates competitive, protected technology that is environmentally progressive while utilizing an efficient operations structure that ensures program success.


It is our mission at BOXX Corp. to lead our industry into the next century with cleaner and better solutions and products that are accessible to every market.  We recognize that our pursuit of such vision has a significant impact on the individual communities where we live and work as well as the environment.  We will continually strive to benefit our global customers, employees, consumers, communities, suppliers, shareholders and partners by continuing to provide innovation, quality and forward thinking products and by conducting our business with great global responsibility and ethics.