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BOXX Corp. is organized into three business units to meet the global demands for its products:  BOXX ® Capital, an international provider of financing solutions; BOXX ® Global, a multi-national manufacturing enterprise; and BOXX ® Engineering, the operations & technology unit which develops, acquires, applies, and protects the innovative technologies and processes of BOXX Corp.


Industry leading BOXX ® Engineering operations and technology unit enhances BOXX Corp's growth and productivity by driving technical and functional excellence across the entire BOXX ® enterprise.  Its primary objective is to support the company's business units by delivering high-quality advanced innovation.  To this end, the unit is responsible for all research and development, product testing and evaluation, and developing advanced integrated strategies that ensure technology is ready when it is required.  BOXX ® Engineering creates competitive, protected technology that is environmentally progressive while utilizing an efficient operations structure that ensures program success.


BOXX ® Engineering also focuses particular attention to its advanced development programs in order to attract, develop, and retain a world-class technical engineering workforce.