BOXX Signature Series

Exclusive BOXX Owners Program






BOXX Corp. is releasing a Signature Series 2016 BOXX ® production. The series release is limited to only 2016 BOXX ® units producing now.

BOXX Corp. Announces Owners program. The purchaser and thus original owner of a BOXX ® Signature Series is automatically included as a member in an exclusive owners program, enjoying benefits and privileges including, but not limited to: exclusive participation in BOXX development and event programs, test drive events, free program series system software updates.

The 2016 Signature Series unit are manufacturing assembly for Q4 2015 model year.  This production BOXX ® product and includes the automatic enrollment in the owner's program and unit serialization. The purchase is open to owner series participation.  As such, the exclusivity commitment of the program entry requires the purchase to be paid in full in advance.  The purchase is refundable prior to the time that your unit number is issued a manufacture date, regarding which you will be given 30 days advanced notice. The program will close upon fulfillment of 2016 year units sold, to capacity.

Select " Learn More " to configure and purchase your Signature Series BOXX ® today.  Your BOXX ® is serialized sequentially to the order of purchase.

BOXX ® 2016 Unit Serial 001 has been purchased by the designer of BOXX ® and founding CEO of BOXX Corp.