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BOXX 2018 Top Innovators Best In Transporation

BOXX Corp. Releases 3 BOXX Model Specifications:

BOXX Corp. Releases 3 New BOXX Model Specifcations:




MONCOLE Magazine. BOXX #9 Top 25 Best ways to go global

BOXX Corp. BOXX named #9 of Top 25 best global transporatation ways to go places.

BOXX Corp. Introduces LightGuard ®

BOXX Corp.

BOXX Featured in GQ Magazine

See BOXX in GQ Magazine June German print issue. First illustration of BOXX Corp. product LightGuard.

WIRED Magazine features BOXX 1 Meter Vehicle. UK Edition

WIRED Magazine featuring BOXX 1 meter vehicle.  Available also, an interactive ipad edition introducing Ui1 vehicle control software by BOXX Corp.

T3 Magazine: BOXX takes spot #48 of the Top 100 Hottest products

BOXX European Publication

WIRED Magazine UK and GQ Magazine Germany do an exlusive editorial on BOXX. Publication by WIRED UK also includes an interactive introdcution to BOXX UI1®  vehicle interface software in an ipad digital edition.

See BOXX at the Better Living Show March

See and Order BOXX at the Better Living Show. March 23 - 25th. Portland Oregon.

BOXX Exhibit Sponsored by PGE Electric Avenue.

BOXX Corp. Invents the Electric Monolithic Motor for two wheeled vehicles

BOXX Corp. Introduces, invents, design engineers the electric monlithic motor for two wheeled vehicles.

As a BOXX OEM Component Product.

BOXX Corp. Invents, two wheeled vehicle Modular Component Technology

BOXX Corp. Invents, introduces Modular Component Control, Power and OS Technology Systems for the two wheeled vehicle.

As an BOXX OEM Component Products

BOXX Corp. Invents two wheeled vehicle All Wheel Drive (AWD) standard

BOXX Corp. Invents, Introduces two wheeled vehicle all wheel drive (AWD) standards consisting of two electric motors and a controller system. Equipping BOXX ® only avaliable of its kind leading edge performance and stability.

BOXX ® Efficiency Standard. 3X Less energy consumed than industry average

BOXX ® Efficient design means low power consumption, better use of available power that balances a pleasantly desirable performance profile.  The combination of our vehicle design and components allows BOXX ® to perform on less used power.  Thats 3X less power than the average industry standards to do the same thing.

BOXX ® delivers years advanced industry product performance

BOXX ® delivers industry leading product specifications.  Performance and ability, the first of its kind. Years ahead industry firsts at an accessable price point.

BOXX ® Patents pickup international publications, industry blog, pre-release

BOXX Corp. BOXX Patents pickup international publication, bloggers.