BOXX ® is an electric all wheel drive commuting vehicle. Modular components make technology upgrades and customization fun and easy.

BOXX a two-wheeled electric transportation device. It is used similarly to a moped or bicycle and is just as easy to ride. BOXX has been engineered to have a very low center of gravity, making it the most stable two-wheeled vehicle available. Some riders have said that it feels safer and easier to ride than a bike! 

BOXX is the first electric ALL WHEEL DRIVE (AWD) two-wheeled vehicle. This feat was thought impossible by many industry standards and is now patented by BOXX. AWD provides excellent rider safety and gives BOXX amazing control in terrain off limits to most two-wheeled vehicles.   

In addition to AWD, BOXX is capable of traction control and ABS braking due to its dual electric motors contained inside the vehicle’s wheels. These BOXX custom designed and engineered motors run together resulting in unparalleled rider safety and unprecedented performance for this class of vehicle. 

Even with all these features, BOXX is still the most efficient two wheeled electric vehicle available. Because of its advanced design engineering, BOXX uses 3 times LESS energy than the industry average of electric two wheeled vehicles. 

BOXX is a whole new next generation vehicle format for the everyday commuter. It's a solution. And it is a global product, addressing the need for compact personal transportation for all markets around the world.  

BOXX truly delivers a great user experience in a product that is both practical and on the cutting edge.

On the outside


BOXX was designed to be the ultimate compact transportation device for people everywhere.  Since it is electric, it contains no on-board fluids and can therefore be stored in your apartment or home just as easily as it can be stored outside.  There is no grease or oil, no chains or gears, and nothing to drip or leak onto your carpet.  This makes BOXX the best solution for highly populated areas.


And while it is small enough to store indoors, it is large enough to ride on the road and be seen.  It is one beautiful all aluminum package.  And keeping with our environmental mission the transportation of tomorrow, the aluminum is recycled and plastics are at a minimum. The exterior is sleek yet easy to see, making riders highly visible and safe while making it seem larger than the 1 meter it actually measures.  Rider comfort is also paramount.  The seat of a BOXX occupies half the length of the vehicle, providing the largest seat size of just about any bike or scooter.  BOXX comfortably and easily accommodates a 5’ to 6’5” person from 90 to 300lbs. 


In line with its simple sleekness, you will not see cables on the handle bars or gears near your feet where your clothing can get caught and compromise your safety.  Your cargo will also be safely stored away in secure storage bays behind the headlight and under the seat.  In addition, BOXX is equipped with two battery power bays.  Should you need additional storage, you can opt to run with just one battery and utilize the second bay for storage.

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On the inside


We designed BOXX to be simply a better scooter. It has everything you have come to love in a standard vehicle: fast response, assistive technologies like AWD traction control and ABS braking, and optional heated seats. It is simple, easy to use, and drives laser-precise while being just the right size and weight.  To accomplish this, the full spectrum is undertaken in the BOXX product line, from mechanical to electrical engineering, hardware to software.  We do it all.

In with the new...


You want to live cleaner and live better.  But you also want a product that you use and enjoy.  BOXX is an expertly designed product that is simple, efficient, user friendly, and fun to drive while also being technologically groundbreaking.  Use it, love it, AND feel good about it.  This is BOXX ® :  simple on the outside, advanced on the inside.

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Classifications = Moped. Driver Lic Only ( Governed 30 mph, region specfic )

  • User Ergonomics = 90lbs - 300lbs. 1 person occupant. 5ft - 6.5ft sized
  • Vehicle Footprint = 1 meter
  • Vehicle Weight = 120 lbs ( unloaded without CORE )
  • Wheels and Tires = Standard 10 inch with extra low profile oem tires
  • Aerodynamic Design. 3X lower drag coefficent than average
  • Lighting = Oversized all LED dot lighting system with hazzards
  • Onboard Storage = Two cargo bays. Room for two bags. Secured
  • Mechanical footpeg emergency brake
  • Fluids Free Vehicle
  • 58 front / 42 rear vehicle weight distribution
  • Performance: 4 to 1 power to weight ratio
  • All Aluminum Monocoque / unibody design 


  • Integrated kickstand
  • Front and rear carry handles
  • Oversized handle bar grips
  • Indoor / outdoor storage
  • External multicolor vehicle status indicator
  • Glove, pocket item bin
  • Front / Rear coiled suspension
  • All aluminum construction
  • 30 degree surface grade capable
  • Road capable performance
  • Superior comfort ergonomics
  • Audio Alerts
  • 90 days labor, 1 year parts warranty
  • Optional 3 year full coverage warranty (CARE Package)
  • Optional Heated Seat (COLD Package)
  • Optional LIGHTGUARD Vehicle Lighting System
  • Optional RAPID 1 hour Chargeing System


  • Standard Systems
    • BOXX Corp. Two Wheeled Vehicle Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD) system (patent tech)
    • BOXX Corp. Two Wheeled Vehicle Traction Control, ABS systems (patent tech)
    • BOXX Corp. Autonomous Vehicle Occupant Adaption (patent tech)
    • BOXX Corp. Two Wheeled Vehicle Modular Control / Power / Components (patent tech)
    • BOXX Corp. Two Wheeled Vehicle Dual Electric HUB 1.0 ® Motor  (patent tech)
    • BOXX Corp. Two Wheeled Vehicle Format  (patent tech / design) Trademarked




The Basics

20 - 30 miles per charge with CORE 1

30mph top speed ( Electronically Regulated )

4 hours to charge with standard 110 wall outlet

1 hour upgrade charging

Batteries may be removed and charged outside of BOXX vehicle.

CORE ® Configurations = Modular Component Power System



The Basics

60 - 100 miles per charge with CORE 2

30mph top speed ( Electronically Regulated )

4 hours to charge with standard 110 wall outlet

1 hour upgrade charging

Batteries may be removed and charged outside of BOXX vehicle.

CORE ® Configurations = Modular Component Power System



  • How far will BOXX go on a single charge?

    BOXX will go 20 to 30 miles on a single charge with CORE 1 configuration. 

    BOXX will go 60 to 100 miles on a single charge with CORE 2 configuration.

    Last updated: Sunday Sep 9, 3:35pm EDT
  • How long does it take to charge?

    BOXX requires 4 hr to charge from a standard 110 wall outlet.

    Or you can upgrade ( at any time ) to a 1hr charger.

    Last updated: Sunday Sep 9, 3:40pm EDT
  • How fast does it go?

    BOXX is designed to be used as a moped. It therefore limited to 30mph.

    Last updated: Thursday Sep 13, 11:31pm EDT
  • Do I need a motorbike endorsement license?

    No, You can use BOXX with just a drivers license. Anyone can ride a BOXX.

    Last updated: Sunday Sep 9, 3:39pm EDT
  • How long do the batteries last and can you replace them?

    The typical lifespan for the standard CORE battery pack for BOXX is good for 10,000 miles. In many cases it can last well for 15,000 miles.  

    BOXX battery packs are removable by hand with no tools so you can upgrade to newer batteries at any time.  You can replace them for 670.00 each.

    Last updated: Sunday Sep 9, 3:39pm EDT
  • How much does BOXX weight?

    BOXX weighs 120lbs unloaded. 145lbs with one CORE battery.  170lbs with the CORE 2 battery pack.

    Last updated: Thursday Sep 13, 11:31pm EDT
  • Can I lock BOXX up?

    While BOXX is secure to park, you can additionally lock it up with any standard bike lock.

    Last updated: Sunday Sep 9, 3:49pm EDT
  • Can I store BOXX indoors?

    Yes, you can store BOXX indoors and outdoors.  It is fluid less vehicle so is clean to store in your home.



DRIVE ®, our patented motor assembly design, delivers industry unmatched performance and efficiency.  At a mere 10.2 pounds, our motors deliver the equivalent power output of industry standard motors that weight in at 25lbs - 35lbs.  And we do it much more elegantly and with better efficiency and higher RPM capabilities. The lightweight format of BOXX would not be possible without our motors. Designed with a weld-free one piece design, our HUB 1.0 ® motors are truly one of a kind.

Control System

BOXX ® is controlled by a groundbreaking new technology, BOXX CUBE.  CUBE is a modular, user-friendly control unit that contains everything you need to operate BOXX.  Our own OS UI 1.0 ® makes CUBE user friendly and easy to use.  Should any maintenance or upgrade ever be needed, the user can remove CUBE by hand (no special tools or skills required) and take it by hand for service or exchange.  Vehicle maintenance just became as easy as servicing a laptop.

CUBE 1.0 ® is also designed to control ANY electric vehicle that meets a couple terminal standards.  Because of this, BOXX could radically change electric vehicle development across the industry. We would no longer need the painful and expensive R&D of heavy electrical control systems.  CUBE is our contribution to the electric vehicle industry.  By providing CUBE’s much needed technology standard, literally everyone could be powered by BOXX!

Lightguard ® illuminates the ground around BOXX with laser lines to warn pedestrians and other vehicles of your needed space.  Because Lightguard is laser lit, it is impervious to sunlight.

Safety Features

BOXX ® is engineered to cater to its rider.  The adaptive occupant system determines the position of the rider on the vehicle, the weight distribution of the cargo, and the riding surface.  It will adapt its acceleration, deceleration, and braking to accommodate these factors.  This ensures both wheels stay firmly connected with the ground and keeps riders safe.



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