High-resolution photos and films of BOXX products are available for editor use by news media. Courtesy of BOXX Corp.


BOXX 1 Vehicle Dynamics

Commissioned into service BOXX 1 is designed for BOXX Engineering Vehicle Dynamics testing. Providing proof of concept verification onto BOXX's patented vehicle format and unique chassis design that makes BOXX possible and unlike anything before. A convention breaker, the design of BOXX 1 focused on three key development platforms - BOXX Corp. Two Wheeled Vehicle AWD system, BOXX Corp. Vehicle Dynamics / Mechanical Subsystems and finally User Ergonomics. All provided remarkable results. BOXX 1 is still in service today having endured criticial testing while providing domesticated rides to testing indivduals. BOXX 1 emodies a first generation chassis by BOXX Corp. Current BOXX's are equipped with our third generation chassis. BOXX shown here is Illustrated with a 6 ft user.