High-resolution photos and films of BOXX products are available for editor use by news media. Courtesy of BOXX Corp.


BOXX Corp. Industry Patent ( All Wheel Drive )

TWO WHEELED VEHICLES with All Wheel Drive System (AWD). Consisting of TWO Electric Motors and a Controler. US Patent 8,706,331


BOXX Corp. Industry Patent ( Modular Components )

TWO WHEELED VEHICLES with Modular Components ( Vehicle Control Systems, Electric Motors, Power Systems, Assemblies Design and Chassis Engineering Manufacture.


BOXX Corp. Industry Patent ( Motor Assembly )

TWO WHEELED VEHICLES Electric Monolithic Lightweight Hub Motors. Manufactured assembly design.


BOXX Corp. Industry Patent ( Defined Surface Lighting )

VEHICLE Digital Lighting system that utilizes vehicle traveling surface for projection of light defined emitted shapes. Heads up display or (HUD) using vehicle road surface.


BOXX Corp. Industry Patent ( BOXX Vehicle Format )

TWO WHEELED VEHICLE FORMAT Ornamental Design & Layout. Consisting of ANY rectangular shape on TWO Wheels. Design filings throughout China, India, Japan, European Community, Brazil and US. Additonaly Trademarked BOXX throughout.


BOXX Corp. Industry Patent ( WIPO ) All Wheel Drive

World IPO for TWO WHEELED VEHICLES with ALL WHEEL DRIVE system comprised of TWO Electric Motors and a Controler. Furthering systems containing TWO WHEELED VEHICLE Traction Control and ABS Braking. Modular Components / Modular Vehicle Control Units including Modular Power Systems for the Two Wheeled Vehicle.