Branded Products, Technologies Development and Manufacturing. BOXX Corp. was founded by the Principal and CEO of BOXX Corp., who created and designed the BOXX ® vehicle. BOXX Corp. is internationally founded on advanced product design engineering, technological innovation, original component platforms and unique solution systems. BOXX Corp. is a multinational corporation and a direct product brand to consumer, commercial business and government markets.

Design Patents | Utility Patents





29/375168 D644569 US Priority Design Patent

D171017410 Brazil Design Patent Pending

ZL 201130052712.5 China Design Patent

0018357520001 European Community Design Patent

235293 India Design Patent

20116108/JP Japan Design Patent

13/042898 Utility Patented. Monolithic in Wheel Electric Hub Motor Assembly.

13/117602 Utility Patented. Two Wheel Vehicle(s) With Modular Features.

8,706,331 Utility Patented. Two Wheel Vehicle(s) with All Wheel Drive System

PCT/US2011/038405 Utility Patent. Patent Cooperation Treaty. Two Wheel Vehicle(s) With All Wheel Drive System

13/117630 Utility Patent Pending. Vehicle With Lighting System That Generates Defined Image On Riding Surface

61/349,015 US Provisonal Patent Filed. BOXX Vehicle Format.

BOXX ® Is a registered trademark of BOXX Corp. throughout the European Community, India, Japan, US, Brazil, and China