BOXX, Corp. Designers Series Awards


BOXX ® Product Awardee





BOXX Corp. holds ongoing Designers Series Awards of qualified product orders and is currently offered to the BOXX ® scooter production product. The series award is randomly selected from product production order numbers to be designated as an product order awardee and sactioned by sericalizations as an awarded unit with the BOXX, CORP. Product DESIGNER SERIES AWARD. The unit order costs are waived to customer therebye making the order free of charge. These units may not be purchased and are availble only through production order drawing held by BOXX, Corp.

BOXX Corp. Announces BOXX Designers Series Awards. The selected production order unit and winner is thus the a original designers product personally hand inspected and signed by its designer.  Designer Series Awards constitutes an automatically included membership to an exclusive owners program, enjoying benefits and privileges including, but not limited to: exclusive participation in ongoing BOXX, Corp. product development and product programs, events, product updates and is delivered and shipped free of charge to the winning and awarded customer order.

BOXX, Corp. Designers Series Awards are drawn at from unit manufacturing assembly product pools or batches and is an ongoing product promotion offerd to BOXX, Corp. ordering customers.  The Award includes automatic special unit serialization and designer signature. The Award is open and pertains participation to any received BOXX, Corp Product Production Order. BOXX, CORP. determines the number of Awards that are offered to a particular product production on a volume based basis.

An sumbitted product production order with an issued a production number winner and product unit awardee are notified of the awardship when the unit is ready for delivery.

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