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BOXX Corp. develops and fosters partnerships that benefit customers and business partners in local economies.  BOXX Corp. products are global products.  BOXX Corp’s products branch into well established exsisting markets and exciting emerging markets on every continent. 


BOXX Corp. international markets are organized through Joint Venture (JV) business units to facillitate country wide regional direct markets for its products:  BOXX, Corp. a multi-national company; its operations & technology engineering unit develops, acquires, applies, and protects the innovative product technologies and manufacturing processes of BOXX, Corp making our brand of products accessible to every market through JV business partnerships.


BOXX, Corp. ® Joint Venture business unit strategically expands the company’s influence, impact, and brand image among our international product industry. Our JV entities strive in building a strong local presence across diverse and dynamic markets that mutually leverages intellectual, financial, and industrial capabilities to foster company and community growth.  BOXX, Corp. Joint Ventures are focused on mutual growth partnering for responsible prosperity, within each region or country we operate. Combining with local suppliers, universities, talent, and charitable institutions to encourage a meaningful, mutually beneficial presence of commerce. 


BOXX, Corp. ® prides its self in its products solutions and innovative business practices.  It is a primary mission to support all of BOXX, Corp. Joint Venture partnerships to facillitate and growing local businesses and market places thereby structuring our company in a multinationally operational capacity. Providing each market with an operational base that assists our distributors, dealers in sales, delivery and support of BOXX ® products to our customers.


BOXX Corp. stives to lead our product industries into the next century with efficent and exciting product solutions that are accessible in every market.  We recognize that our pursuit of such vision has a significant impact on individual communities we live and work in as well as the environment around it.  Thus, we continually strive to the benefit our customers, employees, communities, suppliers, company shareholders and partners in continued effort to provide top notch product innovation, brand quality and forward thinking that customers and communities deserve. Our business practices we conduct are with great cultural responsibility, fore thought and old fashioned individual personal standards of ethics. In short we look for and maintain quality in all that we do.