Corporate Governance


BOXX Corp.








BOXX Corp's business is conducted by its engineers, managers, and corporate officers led by the founding President Chief Executive Officer.  Operational oversight is by appointed department directors and a corporate executive officers’ team advised by a Board of Directors.  The Board's Governance, Organization, and Nominating Committee periodically reviews the Company's corporate governance principles and current practices.


The Board and the corporate officers protect the long-term interests of the company by being responsive and proactive to the concerns of brand, industry, intellectual properties, environment, communities, customers, employees, public officials, suppliers and safety.


Additionally, the Board has adopted a Code of Ethical Business Conduct to focus the Board and each executive and director on areas of ethical risk, provide guidance that helps effectively recognize and deal with ethical issues, enhance existing mechanisms that sustain ethical conduct, and continue to foster and instill a culture of moral integrity and responsible leadership.