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  • BOXX ® e $2,997.00
  • BOXX ® $3,796.00
  • BOXX ® M $4,694.00

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  • RAPID $387.00
  • COLD $178.00
  • All Upgrades $565.00

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  • LightGuard ® $194.00
  • Charger $271.00
  • All Packages $465.00
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BOXX ® finishes utilize an extensive three layer heated powder coating process. Its enviromentally friendly and liquid free resulting in a very durable finish over traditional solvant based paint vehicle finishes. It also looks good, feels great and is standard on BOXX ®.

From time to time BOXX Corp. will release custom product finish packages and or configurations on BOXX ® that may be purchased additionally over standard finishes or package options.

BOXX ® e: 20 mile travel range per charge. 

BOXX ® : Extended Issue BOXX. 20 - 40 mile travel range per charge. Enhanced Power and Top Speed. Lithium-ion Cell Power System.

BOXX ® M40 - 60 mile travel range per charge. Is a Special Performance Tuned MACHINE package. Includes more power higher performance tuned motors, tuned suspension systems. Includes power mixer app for user set AWD power bias and performance modes. Special all metal finish OR Matte Frost Black additional finish options. Requires Motorcycle endoresment.  The ultimate BOXX.

RAPID: In a urban stop and go hurry. Add a 6 min 6 km range charging convenience.

COLD : Equip your BOXX ® with a heated seat for colder weather riding comfort. User control App. added to UI.

All Upgrades:  Includes both COLD and RAPID options. Fully Upgraded.

LIGHTGUARD ® : Add safety to you and your BOXX ® with LightGuard a Virtual Ground Lane Green Laser Light emiting system.  User control App. added to UI.

Charger: Replace the standard 4hr charger with this 1hr unit.

All Packages: Includes both LIGHTGUARD and Charger options. Fully Loaded.